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Our Work

At Heartwood Fence, our top priority is ensuring a superior customer experience. We provide a range of services, from repairing existing fences to complete fence replacements. Our team is dedicated to meeting your specific needs and building the perfect fence for your property. Take a look at some of our recent projects below.

6ft wooden fence replacement

Replace a chainlink fence

Our team came in and removed an old rusty chain link fence and replaced it with a much more aesthetically pleasing wooden 6ft fence. Now the homeowners can enjoy their backyard privately.

Repaired a leaning and broken fence

This fence was installed by someone in 2021 incorrectly and was starting to lean hard and fell down during a recent storm. We came out and replaced many of the posts and reinstalled the fence. Then our team cleaned it thoroughly to give it a fresh look!

Wooden fence cleaning
Wooden fence stain and seal services

Stain and seal on an existing fence

This fence was starting to look old and weathered. The homeowner did not want to buy a new fence, so we cleaned and resealed it with the stain of their choice.

60ft fence section replacement

Storms and harsh weather on an untreated fence can really do some damage. For this one, we replaced the deteriorated fence with a whole new large section of 6ft wooden privacy fence. 

Wooden fence repair and install

More Projects

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